it could BE different

A Simple Change

Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Will Rogers


It’s human nature to see problems, envision solutions and then act on them. We do it hundreds of times a day.

Mostly, we solve the problem in a way that we have solved it before. Maybe we touch a coffee cup, realize it is too hot and decide to take a sip in a few more minutes after stirring it a bit. Traffic looks bad on the interstate, so we take a back road. A customer’s shipment arrived late so we give them a credit. From the mundane to the important, from simple systems to highly complex interactions, we routinely behave, well, human.

But for every routine action we make, there are an infinite number of alternative actions that were possible. And every once in a while, we decide to try one. Some people like to try them more often than others, but it is really just a matter of degree. After all, most of our actions have to be routine (or we would find ourselves in an asylum or worse).

So a more creative person is only incrementally more likely to be breaking routine than the average person.

Try this for a few weeks. Take a routine task and choose not to do it the way you always do. Try it a different way and see what happens. Chances are pretty good that you’ll not come up with something ‘better’. Chances are also pretty good that you’ll learn something from the experience and that you’ll come up with a ‘better’ way the next time. This iterative approach is likely to lead you to something really interesting – and it won’t be what you expect.

What you can expect is that it could BE different.


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This entry was posted on August 26, 2013 by in Creativity.
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