it could BE different

About the Blog

First and foremost this site is about provoking thoughts and challenging norms in an entertaining manner. To that end, many of the articles are tongue-in-cheek, layered in irony or paradox and with ambiguous conclusions. If you don’t see that, then I failed or you need to look closer – or both.

The content of the site is change. It celebrates those who lead change. It analyzes the ways society, business and other organizations change. It looks for trends that create opportunities for change and evaluates the tools that are used to implement change.

The site was established in May of 2013 in an effort to organize 60 random blogs I had written since March of 2011. In so doing I identified eight categories that seemed to comfortably fit with the blog topics.

  • Entrepreneurs – Using the more academic definition of entrepreneurship as people who drive change rather than the man on the street definition of people that start a business. This entry explains why.
  • Society and Politics – Looks at how large organizations of people adopt and adapt to change. And importantly, how they block change.
  • Big Company– Primarily evaluates how large companies bring new products to market, especially in contrast to small companies.
  • Start-Ups – Addresses the unique situations that new ventures face. It is generally concerned with those that are converting science into business.
  • Economic Development – Uses the economic development profession definition as the activity of attracting, maintaining and growing new businesses in a region as opposed to the academic economist definition which is generally more concerned with public policy. Although some drift between these definitions occurs.
  • Creativity – The origin of ideas in the context of how those ideas can lead to change and the conflicts between creativity and structure as best exemplified in this entry.
  • Intellectual Property – Particularly concerned with evaluating how the creation of intellectual property is different than creating change, where it makes change easier and not.
  • The Future – A look at where we may be headed and how that change will create opportunities.

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